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Best Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic coating is the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from everyday wear and tear, dirt, grime and UV damage. Ceramic coating is a protective layer of nano-ceramic particles that bond to the surface of your paintwork, creating an extra layer of protection and providing a showroom finish.

Ceramic Coating in Ottawa

Upgrade your vehicle with a modern touch
  • Crystal Serum Light
  • $ 750 /Starting price
  • Protection & Appearance
    • 5 year Guarantee
    • Great Gloss and Beading
    • Great Swirl and Stain resistance

    2-stage Paint Correction for $300+
    3-stage Paint Correction for $600+

  • Gtechniq Halo Serum
  • $ 750 /Starting price
    • Specifically formulated for PPF and vinyl wraps
    • Lasts up to three years
    • Makes surface easier to maintain
    • Can be used on gloss, satin and matte finishes
  • Gtechniq Exo V4
  • $ 499 /Starting price
  • Amazing Appearance
    • 18-24 months durability
    • Easy to apply
    • Adds gloss, water and dirt repellency

    2-stage Paint Correction for $300+
    3-stage Paint Correction for $600+

Ceramic Car Coating Ottawa


Ceramic Coating is the latest advancement in car care and protection. Ceramic Coating offers a level of gloss, shine, and depth. Ceramic Car Coating bonds to the paint on your car and provides an increase in hardness that is second to none. This added layer of protection acts as a shield against UV rays, acids, bird droppings, and other hazards that cars face throughout their life. Ceramic Coating Ottawa offers only the highest quality materials while providing exceptional customer service. The Wrap Factory is dedicated to bringing this amazing product right to you so you can experience the results for yourself. If you’re looking for long-lasting shine and protection for your vehicle then Ceramic Coating is what you need!


Ceramic coating vs paint protection film – the great debate! Ceramic coatings and paint protection films both offer unbeatable protection for your vehicle’s paint job, but there are some important differences between them. Ceramic coatings form a bond with the paintwork and provide a durable, scratch-resistant layer that gives vehicles a beautiful glossy finish. PPF (paint protection film) takes it one step further: it is made from strong, nearly invisible materials which protect against scuffs, rock damage, scrapes, and other cosmetic damage. Ceramic coatings are more affordable in the short term, while PPF offers more long-term benefits and better resale value when the time comes to change cars. It all depends on your individual needs and preferences; weighing up Ceramic Coating vs PPF is an important part of looking after your car’s paintwork.

Ottawa Ceramic Coating vs PPF
Best Ceramic Coating For Car


Ceramic coating in Ottawa offers numerous benefits for those considering it for their cars. Ceramic coating can protect a car’s paint job from sun damage, abrasions, and environmental pollutants, meaning the car will stay looking newer for longer. Ceramic car coating is also highly flexible, so even vehicles that are put under great stress due to frequent off-road driving or demanding road conditions need not worry – this coating provides a protective layer that guards against scratches and chips. Finally, ceramic coating in Ottawa helps reduce maintenance costs in the long term because washing away dirt and grit is a breeze when you have ceramic coating protecting your vehicle! It’s no wonder why ceramic coatings have become increasingly popular among car owners who want greater durability and protection.

CERAMIC COATING and What It Can’t Do

Ceramic coating has been gaining popularity in Ottawa, but it’s important to understand that there are certain areas where it cannot be used to protect vehicles. Ceramic coating is not a replacement for Ceramic Paint Coating, wax, or sealant, so don’t expect your car to look brand new after it’s applied. Ceramic coatings can only be applied to the exterior surfaces of the vehicle (such as painted surfaces and wheels) and can provide protection against abrasion, UV exposure, and chemical reactions when applied correctly. Ceramic car coatings won’t make your car water-proof—but they will help protect against acid rain, bird droppings and road salt. Ceramic coating is a great way to keep your car looking newer for longer and should be used as an additional layer of protection on top of keeping your car clean!

ceramic car coating
Ceramic Coating Car Ottawa

How long does Ceramic Coating last?

Ceramic coating is a fantastic option for those looking to protect their vehicle from wear-and-tear caused by weather and road debris. Ceramic coating Ottawa provides long-term protection that lasts up to three years, thanks to the nearly impervious layer of ceramic coated material added to the exterior surfaces of your automobile. Ceramic coating near me creates a semi-permanent layer of protection on the surface, making it easier to maintain than when waxing or polishing alone. Ceramic Car Coating makes cleaning simpler, while significantly reducing occurrences of scratches and dings. It overall reduces your effort (and money) spent on maintenance. So if you’re considering Ceramic Coating, rest assured you will enjoy its benefits for many years!

How much does Ceramic Coating cost?

Ceramic coating may prove to be a wise investment for those looking to protect their vehicles from the wear and tear of everyday life. Ceramic coating can help keep your car looking polished and new by providing an extra layer of protection against weather conditions, corrosion, pollution, and more. The cost of ceramic coating varies depending on the size of the vehicle, degree of dirtiness, and any pre-existing damage that needs attention. Ceramic Coating Ottawa has a variety of options and packages catered to meet everyone’s desired budget. Whether you are in need of a simple cleaning job or a more detailed high gloss finish, Ceramic Coating Near Me will have an option fit just for you! Ultimately, Auto Ceramic Coating is an excellent choice for those who want to ensure that their car remains protected while also looking great!

Ceramic Coating Ottawa

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